The Cycle of Women- the Circle of Life

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by Amelie Hofmann-Werther

Bad hair days, skin problems, feeling heavy, retaining of water in the tissue, rumbling stoamch and bloated tummy that will just not fit in the favourite jeans! Most women notice details and experience changes in their hormone balance without knowing that most of our every day life minor aliment, issues and struggles actually origine in a women´s hormone imbalance. Sleeping disorders, such as problems in falling asleep, calming down and finding peace before going t to bed or problems in sleeping through the night may seem familiar to you. Sleep is restless and dreams may be fragmented. Digestion disorders vary from slow metabolism and constipation to diarrhea prior to onset of menstrul bleeding .Phases of keen ravenous apetite being greedy after salts or sweets in the middle of the night or at any other unusual time and occasion may happen as well every once in a while, apparently out of the blue! Morning headache, lower back pain or lower abdominal pain in menstrual bleeding are a common finding in women. Putting on weight or just not loosing weight although you are stricktly sticking to your diet, lumpy brest swellings, sudden discomfort wearing a bra or sleeping on your belly are typical cycle related complaints.

So are mood swings and volatility varying from thin-skinned depression longing for tenderness and a shoulder to lean on to feeling combatitivly loaded. Sometimes our mind turns inwards, we may be easy to hurt, more likely to quarrel. From feeling desirable to just not interested in romantic quality time with the partner, anything is possible….

You are not alone!

This is a good time for learning new skills. Initiate a change!

Your doctor can help you become more self-aware, so that plans and new goal settings develop more easy. Your doctor can help you understand your own individual cyle process and analize it. Show you how to increase strength, spurt energy, feel balanced, enjoy socializing, feel more light-hearted. By guiding your way determing your personal physical energy and activity peak times as well as your individual lazy leisure time hide aways. Optimization of your Resources should include Nutrition education, Stess-Relief and Detox, physical fitness for more range of motion and flexability as a holistic approach for hormone balancing