Amelie Hofmann-Werther, Fachärztin, is Specialist for Gynecology & Obstetrics, including Psychosomatic Primary Care & Verbal Intervention Techniques. She is German board certified with over 10 years of extensive clinical experience being trained in leading teaching hospitals in Germany.

After graduating from Johann-Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt, she received her post-graduate board certified Facharzt degree from German State Medical Council, completing her postgraduate training in gynecology and obstetrics by rotating through high standard medical Health Care Instituitions including 24hour in- and outpatient services in gynecology, obstetrics and general surgery as well as working in a private practice with full-time consultation hours.

Combining strong commitment and devotion to her patients throughout her career, Amelie Hofmann-Werther considers health care taking her mission of passion implementing state of the art knowledge and technology.
Proud to be part of the healthcare community,she is committed to maintaining the highest health care standards. The passion that drives her is educating women in healthcare awareness, nutrition and physical fitness by establishing and promoting Women´s Health Care Education Programs.
Amelie Hofmann-Werther is member in several professional organizations, benevolent societies and ongoing education programs.


Member of DEGUM (German Society for Ultrasound in Medicine)

Member of ISUOG (International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology)

Member of A.M.I.L. (Association Medicale Internationale de Lourdes,France)

Member of the German Association of Professionals in Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Active Member of the Order of Malta Health Care Organisation (Malteser Orden)

Work Experience/Qualifications:

Specialist Gynecology and Obstetrics at Private Medical Center

Community Based Doctor at Al Zahra Private Hospital Dubai, UAE

Outpatient Consulting in Frankfurt ,Germany, gynecological full-time consultation

Post-graduate Supervisor of Gynecological Out-Patient Department, Emergency Department and Medical Counseling Center of Sana Klinikum (maximum care level hospital and certified center for oncology, senology and perinatal diagnostic center Level I in Frankfurt, Germany

Medical Doctor, Perinatal Unit and Department of Obstetrics & Gynacology , Hospital Frankfurt-Höchst, Level I Medical Centre

Medical Doctor, Department of General and Visceral Surgery St. Mary's Hospital Kassel, Germany

Study Supervision ICE-Study of the GBG (German Breast Cancer Group)

Additional qualifications in Psychosomatic Primary Care in Gynacology & Verbal Intervention Techniques